The Battle with Penguin: Content Solution

magnifying glassAuthor: Jerry West

As you know in this post Panda/Penguin world, content is everything. But the
biggest problem with content has been the expense and the quality. In my testing of over 20 companies, I have found a strong team of content writers and we’ve been really pleased.


The solution?

That’s a straight referral link. No affiliate code and no cookie. These guys are good. They can deliver large amounts of original, CopyScape checked articles with quick turn-around time. In the last 10 days they did over 9,000 articles, for example. They also do article submissions.

They have UAW and AMA style articles which fully support article spinning if that’s what you need. They even provide writing of extra articles titles and extra resource boxes and also offer an integrated article spinner with their platform or ready for cut and paste into third party spinning software.

Don’t sit on this, your sites need more content and this is a great solution right now and an offer which expires in a week. Tackle it right now. Injection of fresh content with solid marketing is showing great recovery from drops in the Google SERPs.

A few things you want to tackle …

1) Unique Titles are a must. Don’t forget this step. Audit your site. Look at the Titles through a program like Screaming Frog SEO. Any titles that are duplicate or near duplicate, you want to change those.
2) When is the last time you have run a complete CopyScape analysis of your entire site? I thought so. Get that done this week. You just maybe shocked at what you find.
3) How are your headlines? Are they targeting what you want the user to do or does it get your point across?
4) Review your Call to Action. Improve it.
5) New information to inject? If the article is “stale” or just isn’t cutting it, look to improve the lead in, the narrative, the closing. Add pictures, graphs, quotes, etc. Drive your point home, sell it, convince them. Lead them down the path they need to follow.

Most web masters who are having the most success overcoming Penguin are saying the same thing … they are getting back to SEO/Marketing 101 and doing the little things right. I cannot emphasize this enough. Doing the basic things right will lead to a faster and more complete recovery.

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